Sunday, April 17, 2011

There Is No Death In Love

There is No Death in Love

Wander far in the name of Love but she will not be contained
She is within the walls of our temples breaking them apart
She is within the stone idols before they are shaped
She dips her toes in the water of all that has never been conceived
Ever the invitation to create our world persists
A divine orchestra of sublime composition recalls
This grand theme plays in the mysterious trinity of seasons:
Creation, preservation and destruction
Within our darkest thoughts, her light shines
Enough to explode stars back into planets again
She is neither four sided nor six sided
And yet she breathes through any shape we give her
She is the cool evening wind during a sunset
Filling each blade of grass with the promise of a new day
Every brightly colored leaf that fell in agony last year
Sweetly opens once more in the face of an eager bud
In the embrace of union, we feel her exhilaration
In the pregnant belly of a woman, her miracle
In the eyes of a child we feel her innocence
And yet over and over the wanderer loses
That which permeates everything he is
In everything he loves and despises, she waits
Through him and without him the law insists
That there is no death in Love’s eternal womb
© Ganga Fondan, 2011

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Susan Williamson said...

This is an amazing poem. A universal poem. It really made me think of the so-called complexities of love and how at the core it all, love is deeply simple and profound.