Friday, March 26, 2010

Enters My Room Lifting My Heart

Enters My Room Lifting My Heart

“Here comes the Sun
Like a mother in the morning
Enters my room
Raises the shades
of my mind

Softly the Light
takes me in her arms
Kisses me good-morning
Lifting my heart

Opens the window
Lets the breeze come in
The songs of birds enter the day
My mother smiles so sweetly now
Oh let it always feel this way

On and on I wander through this life
And though the grey clouds do appear
to be everywhere
I know the sun is there
in my room…

Here comes the Sun…”

Ganga Fondan, 2010

The light enters softly on some mornings. The daylight streams in subtle rays and softly penetrates everything it touches. There is a calm and lifting feeling as the warmth of the sun brings a smile to my lips. She enters as a mother, sweet and smiling and circulating around me. Usually on this kind of day, my guitar, Antara waits ready. Feelings surface into songs.

I close my eyes and see the room so clearly. It shines like a temple of radiance and the Great Mother takes away the shadows of doubt and resistance. All trouble is released and in the arms of something beyond any words, I feel elevated and vibrating with joy. This sun holds me and sends me forth into the day like a bursting star.

On days like these, songs spring forth and bend themselves into images and pools of colors on my digital canvas. On days like these purpose comes alive in every heartbeat repeating over and over:

"Consciousness is the Creator"

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