Thursday, March 13, 2008

To Love with Abandon

When I think of how much I love You, my eyes begin to water and my heart swells like it will burst. My knees become weak and my emotions soar skyward. These feelings guide me as if through a doorway of all possibility. I think of the sun and then think of love. It shines on everything the same. How can we love one more than another? If we love, then we love. But it is the Truth of You I love. Your words swirl through my imagination like a storm that shakes every sleeping part of my Universe back to life. You soak me with a Truth that shakes the very foundation of anything I have ever known or will know. You repeatedly disclose the discoveries of the ancients even though they slip through the holes in my understanding again and again. I crawl thirstily back and listen to the stories of my home in the stars.

Your impact on everything I AM resonates in every aspect of my existence. Peering into the eyes of those around me, I see the light and radiance of love for You. I see them seeing You and me seeing You in them. That’s when the glimpses of our unity rises. Softly, like a fragrant wind, the feeling is alive and tangible. There is a deep Peace within everything and everyone. The heart soars with its wings wide open and freedom reveals itself like an open door. The wave rises and amplifies itself into limitless currents, which transform into sound and light. Innovation arises out of this devotion to the Truth and You appear in every syllable of my words, every echo of melody and music.

Today my life soars into the more courageous Vision knowing with full assurance that all self-doubt and failure have no purpose and no foundation in the substance of this limitless Universe. Your love shows me the doorway of Light and I give myself full permission to enter the sanctity of the Real with total abandon.

“There is no grief that can hold me
There is no sadness that can stay
Your songs of comfort ever guide me
Your words of courage light the way
You fill my cup with riches,
Your joy is infinite and true
Oh Father I would be a heap of ashes
Were it not for You… “

Picture: Photo-Art “ Love’s Doorway”
Lyrics: "To Feel the Peace Again"
Let your heart be light today.


Anonymous said...

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Hopper said...

Just sort of stumbled through here by hitting on the favorite books part of my blog... apparently you're into Gibran as well... I like your voice... its honesty... it seems a pity that your posts come so rarely...

Hopper said...

hope you don't mind if i put up a link to your blog... be nice to check in on your words now and again...

tall penguin said...

Once again you've taken words and made them into a symphony for the heart. Love you much my soul sister!